Rosemary Pin Ups and Characters

Rosemary, although on the back burner right now, will be one of my favorite issues when it comes out. I'm hoping to devote all my art time to issue #1 after AngelDreams #5 is done.

In the middle of the night she opened her eyes, finding herself in a grassy field, surrounded by small furry creatures, psychotic hunters and a cat with a clock in his belly. Relief should come moments later, as she bolts upright in bed in a cold sweat. Thank God it was just a dream…

But this was the nightmare Rosemary Davenport couldn’t wake up from.

Thrust into a world of insanity and sorcery, Rosemary must find her way home to save herself. But this is a world of cruel deceptions and rude awakenings, of cuddly animals and ravenous beasts, where it is next to impossible to tell friend from foe, comrade from killer.

And she begins to learn that everything is not as it seems. Including Rosemary herself.
Pinch me…. Please….