Island Of Conformity Cover Gallery

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The Island of Conformity is an allegory. It begins with a boy named Simon. Simon must find his way off the Island and into his ultimate destiny: The Heavenly Palace. Simon carries two items with him, a compass and a Bible. The compass acts as his conscience and if he listens to it he will not go the wrong way. His Bible is his guide to see what Jesus would do in the situations that come his way.

But it is not an easy road to the Heavenly Palace. On this Island there are many pitfalls and evil characters who will stop at nothing to drive Simon from the Narrow Path of Salvation onto the Wide Path of destruction. Can Simon discern the truth from the confusing tails Mr. Confusion will throw his way? Can Simon weed out the lies that are thrown his way by Lieton? How can Simon withstand the lust of Lucy Lustfullian? Will he be able to cross the Bridge of Decision and block the arrows of hate shot at him from the demon Rancor? Will Simon make it into the Heavenly Palace?

Some issues dealt with in this comic book are: Running away from temptation, realizing our works are not sufficient to get us to Heaven but that we need to accept the grace and forgiveness of Jesus, and sticking on the right path despite how hard it may be.