AngelDreams Characters

Hopefully all you want to know about the AngelDreams characters and then some!

Spiritual warfare is taken one step higher as Satan’s demonic horde, as well as the Angelic Host, have once again been granted access to humanity’s dreams. One students life will never be the same, for when he dies he will become one of the greatest spiritual warriors. But who’s side will he choose? The demons want him for their army. The angels want him to lead theirs. He just wants to graduate high school.

An example of subjects AngelDreams will touch on are: Child Abuse, Abortion, Pride, Lust, Dealing with anger, Hypocrisy, Sneaking out, Loving your enemies, Drugs, Alcohol, Lying, Stealing, Spiritual Stagnation, Devine Intervention, Eternity, Grace, Secured Salvation and many others.

Teen +