Azalea Characters

Rem is a member of the Guardians Of Chase.
He has recently been assigned to a religious sect called the Shaiprees. Rem frankly is not too fond of the Shaiprees, knowing that they are far more worldly and showy than truly spiritual, but the money’s good and he really is interested in getting rid of the Stink from his world.
Rem is skilled in hand to hand combat plus well versed in many different kinds of weapons.
At times his cocky attitude lands him in hot water.
When she was a child Viaga’s family was murdered by the ravenous creatures known as “Bleak Hearts”. Being orphaned she was then taken in by the Shaiprees and trained to be a soldier. She is tough as nails in combat, but an emotional loose cannon.
Trapped in that hard exterior, there’s a little orphaned girl that never had a chance to heal.
She has no magic skills but is as well trained as a member of the Guard of Chase.
A mysterious, mute, wizard who was contracted by The Shaiprees to help destroy The Stink.
Little is known about Sickler except that he is very skilled in magic.
What does he have to gain by joining with Rem, Viaga and Tiz? Can he be trusted?
Tiz is also an abandoned by her parents as a baby and the Shaiprees took her in. The Shaiprees were amazed and astonished at how fast Tiz learned and excelled at all she touched.
She’s a tekkie, an incredible genius, the group’s pilot and technician and medic.
Viaga is fiercely protective of her, wanting desperately to spare Tiz from the pain Viaga had to grow up with.
Though Tiz has incredible knowledge, she has a very hard time in believing in the faith shared by the Shaiprees. She believes their holy book “The Azalea” is nothing but fairy tales.
It is this doubt in her heart that makes her a huge attraction to The Stink.
Care givers are religious “Gazers” who are very active in their faith in The Azalea.
Though blind, they are able to see with their “Gazer Eye”.
Most Care Givers keep to themselves but there are a select few who dwell in the cities offering their skills to the lost, desperately trying to point them to the direction of the Saving One.
Who is this mysterious old man?
How does he know so much about Rem and his team?
What is this book he holds called “The Bible” which he claims is parallel to The Azalea.
Where did he come from and can he really help destroy The Stink?
An unknown substance invading the entire world of Kalso.
It slowly eats away at all it comes into contact with.
It does not burn or freeze and the people of Kalso have yet to find a way to destroy it.
An evil beast summoned in the Dark Age of Dante to destroy the world of Kalso.
They were destroyed in the battle of The Shadow and had never been seen from again.
But with the recent infestation of The Stink the Bleak Hearts have come back like a hive of insects.
A mysterious creature that no one knows anything about.
Who is….LUCIFOUS!??
And what does he have to do with the infestation known as THE STINK!?